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Japanese in the U.S.

Japanese American is the Sixth largest Asian group in US --

Japanese American population is about 1,150,000:
Japanese American According to US Census 2000, the number of pure Japanese is about 790,000 in the US and the total, including mixed Japanese, is about 1,150,000. It is the Sixth largest Asian group in the US. The number is said to be over 2,800,000, if including non-registered immigrants.

Gathering in East/West Coast:
California has the biggest Japanese community in the US with 390,000. Hawaii with 297,000, Washington with 56,000, and New York with 45,000, according to the 2000 Census. Recently, Japanese Manufacturing Companies are launching factories to mid-states such as Illinois, Texas and Michigan.

Japanese American High Income:
The following numbers are Japanese-American average income.
- Median family income: $62,446
- Median household income: $40,842
- Per capital Income: $27,641
- Median full-time male earnings: $53,865
- Median full-time female earnings: $30,898

Home ownership rate is 60% and average household size is 2.25 people.

High educational standard and low English proficiency:
Japanese-American keeps high educational standards compare to other groups. About 15% of Japanese-American, older than 25 years old, has a Masters Degree and 35% has a Bachelors Degree. The usage of english in Japanese-American households are very low.

Japanese Tourists are one of the biggest customers in the US.

More and more Japanese is traveling to the US --
Japanese Tourist In 2004, the number of Japanese traveling to foreign countries was about 16,830,000 and about 3,750,000 Japanese visited the US. The expenditure of Japanese visitors is about $9,300,000,000 in US, 2004.

Hawaii, Los Angeles and New York --
Hawaii has the most Japanese tourists in the US; the share is about 37%. Los Angeles with about 9.3%. New York with about 8.3%. Las Vegas and San Francisco are also popular among the Japanese tourist.

The main purpose is for sightseeing --
79% of Japanese visitors come to the US for sightseeing. Others include business trips or attending conventions and visiting friends or families. The average stay is 7.5 days and the average amount of money spent is $158 per day.

Americans who are interested in Japan

What kind of keywords are used for searching “Japan”?
We can assume the American interest of Japan by analyzing the number of searches. *Following table is the ranking of the key words, “Japan” and ”Japanese”, in October 2005, Yahoo!
Keyword ranking for Japan

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