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Internet & Email Marketing to Japan

By promoting your website to Japan, you can reach Japanese customers from anywhere you happen to be.

We can translate your website for you, but it’s not enough. If you want to reach Japanese buyers, you’re going to need internet and email marketing. Allon will increase traffic to your site.

Internet Email Marketing for JapanThere is a huge amount of online marketing in Japan. Not just in the places you are used to seeing either, like websites on the Internet, but even those are not what you are used to. For example, Ebay does not rule in Japan, Yahoo!Auctions does. In fact, Yahoo!Japan’s paid directory service outperforms Google’s. Unheard of where you come from, but a fact of life here. Brands and venues that are marginal at home are huge in Japan. Also, there are incredibly popular online presences here that exist nowhere else such as mixi, or hatena.
Cell Phone technology in Japan is still years ahead of the United States, and teens and adults alike are using sophisticated cell phone based internet shopping services and downloads, as well as viewing broadcast television content, all from their cells. Well, we can make a cellular advertising strategy for you too.

Never even heard of all this? No problem. Wherever Japanese are using the internet, we’ll get them to your page! We use proper key word optimization, and pay-per-click ad management to ensure your page rises to the top of every related search.

We provide:
Japanese search engine/directory submissions
Japanese SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
PPC (Pay-per-click) Ad management
Email marketing (not spam)
SNS marketing
Web content development
And more.

At Allon, we're not just about making a quick buck and blasting customers with advertising. We enjoy what we do, and we also enjoy making high quality emailed advertisements with catchy designs and slogans that have brought us as high as a 10% success rate in our Direct Marketing campaigns. But most importantly we can do what you can't do, create copy and advertising for suited to Japanese customers.

Website Promotion to JapanVolume, we can do. We have listings of over 9,000 email listings which can give you a space in their emailings, and web magazines. We are opposed to spamming, and feel that by reaching the eyes of readers who WANT to see you, you're improving your brand image and product's trustworthiness. Our listings cover every type of consumer you could hope to reach. Dental supply products? We've got over 50 listings/net magazines in Tokyo alone that want to hear about them!

Our writers and designers, time and again, have come up with fun logos, slogans, and copy that has wowed our clients and brought in customers for yes, you want to hear it, a reasonable price!

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