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Japanese Public Relations

We at Allon feel that PR is one of the best ways for a company to reach its audience.

Public Relation in Japan Allon will make you an impressive press release in Japanese and immediately distributes it to more than 1,500 Japanese media outlets. You’ll make relationships with them that will expand and increase your exposure and ensure your credibility and viability in the Japanese market.

Alone, desperate, and frustrated, many companies have tried piloting through Japan's press and media typhoon. But exposure and interviews, never came, and they returned to America's shores sullen and disappointed, with poorly conceived and translated press releases in their hands to show for it.

You won't be ALONe with ALLON. We have friends! Contacts, and all manner of auspicious acquaintances. Over 4,000 Japanese media such as TV, magazines, newspapers, and websites. Whether you want to be in Vogue-Japan, or Kawasaki Bass Fisherman, we've got their number, and yours! Allon's public relations department is all about putting the two of you together!

Press Release to Japan And most importantly, in Japan's notoriously SLOW-PACED business environment, we'll make sure you can get things set up in a New York Minute!

We excel at writing copy for Japanese press releases. We will optimize your release so that it has the desired impact and effect in the Japanese media. Why don't you send us one of your English press releases and we'll show you what we can do for you!

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