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For your Japanese marketing venture to succeed, Let Allon be your Coach!

Japanese Consultant - Sumo If you’re going to win in the Japanese market, you need the right professional ‘coach’ for your business. Allon will be your coach, when we talk about ‘the big game’, we’re not talking about football, we’re talking about sumo.

An American pro football player with an established record walks into the arena. As the whistle blows he finds himself up against an immovable opponent. Our hero can't duck him, can't spin around him, or push through him. A giant open hand smacks him and he's looking up at the stadium lights, while the audience breaks into rolling laughter. Why on earth, did this American sports player think he could get into the ring in Japan with a sumo wrestler, with no knowledge of the sport or how it's played and hope to win?

Business Consultation for Japan And why? We might further ask, do American companies time and time again, venture into the rough waters of the Japanese market thinking, since they mastered the American game, the rest of the world would be the same? And yet it happens. And those companies that come to the market in Japan sometimes end up in much worse shape than our metaphorical football player.

Allon is here, to be your coach. Not your football coach, you already know all the rules of how the game is played in America. At Allon our specialty is teaching you how to be a Sumo Wrestler!

Japanese Consulting Service Whether you're just looking for some updated marketing information, or if you are interested in establishing an entire branch or expanding your franchise in Japan, Allon will help you as much, or as little as you want us to. We'll do two major things for you

1) Give you top of the line up-to-date marketing strategy and advice that will make a difference in how you play the game.
2) We will introduce you. Connections, or 'Kone' are even more important in the land of the rising sun as they ever were before. Without connections, business in Japan is literally impossible. You might as well climb into the ring with a yokozuna! But we've got connections with advertisers, businesses, firms, researchers, and media that will do more than get your foot in the door. They'll get you the win.

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