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Publish and mail your message to millions of people in Japan.
Allon has got it covered with Japanese business directory or company lists.

Direct Mail to Japan A lot of large direct marketing companies focus entirely on volume. The idea is if you shoot a big enough net far enough, you'll catch something. This can work, and in Japan sometimes gets you as high as a 1-3% response rate.

Just translating your company’s message word for word into Japanese and mailing it could easily confuse your customers and decrease your credibility. Japanese consumers have a very different sensibility than what you’re used to. If you want to reach them by mail, you need to use Native Japanese professionals.

Japan Business Directory Allon is not just about making a quick buck and blasting company lists and business directories with direct mail. We enjoy what we do, and we enjoy making high quality mailed advertisements with catchy designs and slogans that have brought us as high as a 10% success rate in our Direct Marketing campaigns. But most importantly we can do what you can't do, create copy and advertising for suited to Japanese customers. Our writers and designers, time and again, have come up with fun logos, slogans, and copy that has wowed our clients and brought in customers for yes, you want to hear it, a reasonable price!

Volume, we can do. We have listings of over 10,000 direct mail lists, business directories, and other company lists. Our business listings and company lists cover every type of consumer you could hope to reach in Japan. From dentistry to avid video gamers, we have your audience. But most importantly, we follow up.

We will meticulously review the data and results of every campaign and mailing you do to tell you what's working and what's not, so that every penny you spend goes toward increasing your base.

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