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Market Research for Japan

Whatever it is you want to know about the Japanese consumer market, we'll look it up for you!

Japanese Consumer Allon, Japanese professionals, will conduct research for your business; whether it’s the general consumer market, your rivals and competitors, market share, market trends or target groups.

You already know the 4P’s of marketing mix: Product, Price, Promotion, and Place. But in Japan, style, taste, even seasonal buying trends differ drastically from anything you might assume. Japanese buyers might actually want something more expensive than what you offer, more colorful, or more cute. They might not even need your service, or they might be ripe and ready and hungering for your product. Trying to guess how your business is going to fare in Japan is pure insanity and potentially disastrous financial risk.

When it comes to marketing your product or service in Japan, Allon has the experience and skill necessary to get you information on your target consumer, when you need it.
A lot of companies rely on non-native Japanese speakers to do their research, with horrible results. Japan's age demographics, and consumption patterns are very diverse from what you see in America or Europe. Not only must your advertising strategy be different, but so must your research. Allon understands, and Allon can help you.

What we do for Japan Market:

Market Research for Japan

Research --
We'll research any target market or group of consumers for you.

Surveys and Questionnaires --
We've done surveys and questionnaires in Japan on the young and elderlyon topics ranging from colleges, dotcoms, pharmaceuticals and airlines, to import/export, manufacturing, English education, even maple syrup! We're ready and wating to help you find out what you need to know.

Verify results --
Whether it's advertising or marketing you've done in the past or do with us, we'll gather accurate empirical data and assess the impact of your strategy on consumers.

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