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Free Resources - Facts of Japan

Overview of Japan

Demography in Japan Demography in Japan
What is the population of Japan?
How large is the Japanese market?
Population, Largest Cities, Ethnic Composition, Foreigner in Japan, Birth rate, etc.
(Read more about Japan demography)

Geography in Japan Geography in Japan
Where is Japan?
How big is Japan?
Area, Major Islands, Coastline, Economic Exclusive Zone, Highest Peak, etc.
(Read more about Japan geography)

Economy in Japan Economy in Japan
How strong is the Japanese economy?
Is it getting better or worse?
GDP, Inflation Rate, Unemployment, Main Exports, Major Industries, etc.
(Read more about Japan economy)

Government in Japan Government in Japan
What kind of government does Japan have?
Who is the Prime Minister?
Capital, Parliamentary System, Political Parties, Military, Head of state, etc.
(More about Japanese government)

Japanese character Japanese character
What are the morals of Japanese?
What are their interests?
Japanese Physical Character, Sense of Value, Religion, Society, etc.
(Read more about Japanese character)

Japanese American Japanese in the U.S.
How large is the Japanese-American community in the US?
How much money do tourists spend?
Income, English Proficiency, Travel Budget, etc.
(Read more about Japanese in the US)

Japan Marketing Data

Population and Household in Japan Population and Households
Which prefecture has the largest population?
What is a typical Japanese family like? br> Table: "Population and No. of Households by Prefecture"
(See populationand households in Japan)

Market Segmentation in Japan Market Segmentation in Japan
Japan is one of the aging societies in the world.
What are implications and problems of Japan's aging society?
Table: Market Segments by Age
(See market segmentation in Japan)

Japanese Earnings Japanese Earnings
What is the average pay for Japanese Citizens?
How are the high wages distributed?
Table: Monthly Earnings by Occupation in Japan
(More about Japanese earnings)

Japanese Income and Expenditure Personal Income and Expenditure
Will Japanese be a potential customer for you?
What do they spend on? Are they big savors?
Table: Monthly income and expenditure in Japan
(See Japanese income and expenditure)

Japanese company Japanese Companies and Employees
Characteristics of Japanese Corporations.
What are the economic relations between Japan and foreign countries?
Table: Enterprises and Employees in Japan
(More about Japanese company)

Market Share in Japan Market Share Rankings in Japan
How large is the market share of Japan?
Market Share Ranking categorized by Automobiles, Electronics, Foods, Cloths, Media, Housing, Construction, Machinery, Energy, etc.
(More about market share in Japan)

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