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Advertising in Japan

Do you have your marketing strategy all ready to advertise? We're here for you. Allon does advertising for Japan like nobody else can.

Allon delivers your message to nearly 1.3 million Japanese utilizing Japanese media outlets such as:
Japan Advertising Service
Free Papers
Cell phones, and more!

Japan's advertising outlets, such as magazines and newspapers, are notoriously conservative. Many won't allow advertisers that have been incorporated less than 3 years or more, and ask personal questions that would make most businesses blush. Advertising is a difficult to penetrate area of Japanese media. Soliciting PR is a large hunk of angel food cake compared to the simple attempt to give MONEY to a media company to advertise your wares. This is known as 'Monzen Barai' in Japanese, which loosely translates as, 'getting the door slammed in your face'.

Advertisement in JapanNot to mention, the diversity of venues to advertise in Japan is mind-boggling. Japan, while homogeneous and almost completely middle class, has some of the fastest paced trends and quirkiest buying habits on the planet. And let's not forget, there are places to advertise in Japan that don't even exist anywhere else. There are vending machines for magazines and food, and children watch television on their cell phones!

Sound gloomy and hopeless? Not entirely. There's still Allon!
Allon keeps strong established connections with Japanese media, which enables us to be your most vital asset. We'll get you through that impenetrable wall of 'Monzen Barai' so that what SHOULD be as simple and easy as making a phone call can actually be just that.

Advertise for JapaneseAllon will get you the best portfolio of Japanese advertising spaces according to your business and your budget. (Starting from $1000 and up) We can get your advertisement into Magazines and newspapers, and from there into Radio, TV, roadside ads including billboards, and even cellular phone advertising!(which is popular in Japan) We'll get you the best deal for the best space.

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