Allon is an intercultural communication agency

About Allon, Inc.

Company Summary officeCompany Name: ALLON, Incorporated
State Formed: New York
Address: 501 5th Ave. Suite 300
New York, NY 10017
Tell: (646) 233-3015
Fax: (646) 367-4901
President: Suguru Sakanishi
ALLON is an “Intercultural Communication Company” -
- To optimize the communication between people and communities locally, nationally & internationally.
- To enhance your business by creating advertisements and websites, distributing information of Japan, and solving your problems with modesty and effort.
- To combines TECHNOLOGY and SENSIBILITIES with unique IDEAS created by our efforts, to make great and positive life changes for all people.


What does "ALLON" mean? The company title, “ALLON” is derived from the French word “allons” meaning “let's go” and the English phrase “All On!”. Our belief is to do our very best in any kind of situation and to provide high-quality services for our clients. “Let's go” expresses the spirit of the company, capturing our passion to achieve the goal of our clients with distinctive and proficient style. Our objective is to create mutual beneficial connection between our clients and Japan . We believe that by taking positive and concrete approach, we will not only gain trust from our clients but also bring forth success in both companies. We value in synergistically expanding our clients' and our company globally by cooperating positively and with enthusiasm. Let's go and fly ahead to succeed for future growth!

“All On!”
is the voice of our company, a principle value of Allon to undertake even the impossible. Our goal is for the clients to achieve great success and prosperous future. We believe that by taking on the unimaginable with an optimistic approach, both companies can then attain a ‘win-win' relationship !

Satisfactions as well as success are only some of the benefits of working with ALLON! We assure that our clients will reach and gain more than just their business potentials in the Japanese Market. Lastly, I would like to add that I am extremely devoted to bridging Japan and other countries by conveying the “real” image of the Japanese culture, not just “anime” and “geisha”.
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